Stillness and Slow

Beneath the drive to succeed
and the hustle to grow
there’s a power in stillness
and a magic in the slow

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A bad day
can stir up strife
don’t see it as
a bad life


From a different level
of being
comes a different level
of seeing


Let the fire of your failure
fuel the furnace of your soul
obliterate what binds you
and alight you to your whole


The most valuable action to take
might not be something new
yet something your forsake
and something you choose not to do


With a simple rephrase of a question
You can alter the path of a plan
From the victim approach of “why did…?”
To the hero approach of “how can…?”


Special through and through
You are the only you

Name it

Look within and name it
To transform the fear
and tame it

Break through

When seeking something new
and feeling you’re off-track
Your fear can be the clue
of where you can break through…