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December 1, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Remember your triumphs
In challenging times
History replays in a
Spiral that rhymes

SONG  “Chinese Translation” by M. Ward
This cycle of a song is like a wise and gentle smile.

PODCAST  Ken Burns on the “Smartless” Podcast
From a man who’s spent a lifetime telling America’s greatest stories, this podcast episode is one that’s stuck with me. And my favorite quote… “There is no them, there’s only us.”

Novemer 17, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
This New Year…
Releasing the old
Inviting the new
Say “yes” to the brave
Unstoppable You

SONG  “Let My Love Open The Door” sung by Michael Cavanaugh
This is my favorite recording of this great song. And yes… I may be guilty of playing this on repeat on long road trips. Enjoy!

POEM  “IF” by Rudyard Kipling read by Michael Caine
This poem is a masterpiece of wisdom, and it’s made even more powerful through the voice of Michael Caine.

Novemer 10, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
How many times
Have I intended to change
Yet stopped with the words
“I tried”
Look at the choice
Consider the costs
And once for it all…

SONG  “‘Til You Can’t” by Cody Johnson
This is the first true country song I’ve shared in my emails… and it’s a song I wish I’d written.

TED TALK “Know Your Inner Sabateurs” by Shirzad Chamine
Those parts of ourself that get in our own way can be considered “Sabateurs.” The more we can recognize them, the more we can acknowledge and let them go. 

Novemer 3, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
“And then the hero walked in…”
A classic story
Where a winner with glory
Shows up for saving the day
But what if instead
In the hours ahead
…the hero within led the way

SONG  “The Trappings” by Yo-Yo Ma, S. Duncan, E. Meyer, C. Thile & A. O’Donovan
This song and its album have brightened my last couple weeks. Enjoy!

COACH YOURSELF QUIZ  by Stephan Stubbins
I created this quick quiz in order to make more of a difference in more lives. Give it a try! [Average time is 2 min.]

October 27, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
The quest is yours
As long as you’re alive
Success is how you live it
Not how you arrive

SONG  “Raiders of the Lost Ark” played by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
This is the sound of adventure… perhaps best listened to with eyes closed, in the still of the morning, on a day you want to begin with a sweeping burst of possibility.

15 BADASS QUOTES  from Inspiration Feed
This has several favorite quotes… the one that hit me most was the one from Aristotle. (Thanks to my Dad, for sharing this with me!)

October 20, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Letting go
is investing
in the new
you’ll come to know

SONG  “Atlas In Your Eye” by Dustin Tebbutt
Have you ever heard a song in public and stopped in your tracks so you could figure out how to get it? This was one of those for me.

“So as you leave it all behind
just keep your head up and follow
the atlas in your eye”

QUESTION BURST  by Hal Gregersen
This is such a simple, yet effective, tool I’ve been experimenting with on my daily walks. When considering a new challenge, see what a few minutes of only questions can unlock.

October 13, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
The better the team
the closer the dream

SONG  “I Don’t Know” by Lisa Hannigan
This is a song to those important people in life that we haven’t met yet… waiting just around the corner.

INSPIRATION  A Pep Talk from Kid President
I know of no better way to make you smile than this blast from the past from Kid President. “If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?” 

October 6, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I will toil if I must
As I shake off the rust
I will polish
This silver to shine

SONG  “Diamonds” by Johnnyswim
What a jolt of energy and inspiration. This is a perfect song for a morning run.

BOOK  “The Dip” by Seth Godin
Considering a major life change or career pivot? This is one book I’d highly recommend.

September 29, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Allow yourself to live in the discomfort
Embrace the tension you’ve been running from
Wrestle with the silence of not knowing
Then marvel at the artist you’ve become

SONG  “Fake Plastic Trees” played on piano by Christopher O’Riley
Turn it all the way up and listen to it with your eyes closed… I promise your heart will feel something.

DANCE  “Between Dreams & Reality” – Adrien M & Claire B
This 1-minute video completely took my breath away. Enjoy this stunning combination of dance, technology & light. My favorite moment is at minute 0:51. What’s yours?

September 22, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
With solo ambition
the path can become
a blind competition
Yet, what if instead
together we led
to share in the prize…
Together we’d rise

SONG  “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” sung by John Legend
There is something so pure and true about this performance of one of my favorite songs.

LAUGH  “Grocery Bag Challenge” by Studio C
Anyone that’s had to shop for groceries in a big city can laugh and sympathize with this. A little gruesome, but so funny. 

September 15, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I try, I fail,
I know
I shrink, I stretch,
I grow

SONG  “Can’t Help Myself” by Fiona O’Kane
Such sweetness. This song, made famous by “The Four Tops,” has never sounded so gentle and loving.

QUOTE  “Start Now” by Ijeoma Umebinyuo
I couldn’t have written this better myself…

September 8, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
These chains of reaction
Hold heavy their bond
Yet, unravel and fall
When we pause…
…then respond

SONG  “The Natural” from The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
One of my favorite soundtracks, this music is what “magic” feels like. 

BOOK  “Atomic Habits” by James Clear
Have you ever gotten so much out of listening to an audiobook that you bought a hard copy too? This book is a wealth of insight on how to make changes that last. 

September 1, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Address the mess
and it fades away
Avoid the stress
and it’s here to stay

SONG  “Simple Life” by The Weepies
One of my favorites, this song is the essence of making it to the other side of a great adventure and breathing in the sweet morning after.

PODCAST EPISODE  “Get Yourself The Job” with Brandon Maslan and Jennifer Hill
…with special guest, Stephan Stubbins (that’s me!)
If you’re looking to go from stressed out to standing strong, this podcast can help. Brandon Maslan is a top coach, as well as one of my closest friends and trusted advisors. Enjoy!

August 25, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
When the enemy’s words enter under the surface and sting
To attack the attacker redoubles the harm that they bring
But by looking within to what’s giving the venom its bite
There’s a shadow of self worth befriending
And a nobler battle to fight

SONG  “The Part Where You Let Go” by HEM
This song feels like an answer to a prayer. “Is this the part when you find out I’m there for you?”

FREE MASTERCLASS  “How To Become Indistractable” by Nir Eyal
One of the ways I’m upgrading my life these days is by developing greater indistractability. I think you might find this pursuit valuable as well. This free masterclass is eye opening.

August 18, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Deep in the heart
Ready to roar
There’s a lion inside
Hungry for more

SONG  “Fighting for it all” by Mindy Smith
In NYC, there was one cd I’d wake up to each morning as I’d leave before sunrise for auditions in Times Square. Mindy Smith’s “One Moment More.” Enjoy these sweet songs.

WOOP  by Gabriele Oettingen
Whatever change you’re seeking to make, “WOOP” is a valuable tool to help you make it… check it out! And, of course, I’m always here to help.

August 11, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I thought these shields would serve me
yet they kept the world at bay
Now every shield I shed
casts more fears away

SONG  “Boom Clap” sung by Lennon and Maisy
This recording is just magical. It’s that much more special knowing Maisy was only 11 years old when they shot this video.

FEAR SETTING  by Tim Ferris
Fear setting is not only a good counterpoint to goal setting, it can help with some of the most challenging life decisions. What fears are ready to be acknowledged and let go?

August 4, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
My heart beats the rhythm
of rising up high
This seedling is seeking
new reaches of sky

SONG  “Unchained Melody” sung by Libby and Stephan 
Two years ago today I married the woman of my dreams, Libby Servais. Last year we created our own version of “Unchained Melody” and recorded it in Los Angeles with the help of the brilliant and talented Daniel Weidlein (video shot and edited by the amazing Brennan Spark). Thank you for sharing this love with us.

July 28, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
The keys of this piano
One by one are each profound
Yet when they sing together
There’s magic in the sound

SONG  “Just The Way You Are” from The Piano Guys 
Here’s a piano song with some magic in it. You can feel a glow when taking your time to really listen.

INSPIRATION from NBA Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo
Well said, from a champion… “Focus on the past, that’s ego. Focus on the future, that’s pride. Focus on the present moment, that’s humility”

July 21, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I hit a big home run
Yet scored no points at all
For though I had the greatest swing
The game was basketball

SONG  “Bright Lights” by Ziggy Alberts
A breath of sweet calm, this song feels like a reconnection to nature. 

LAUGH  “Flirting Academy” by Studio C
Libby and I got such a kick out of this sketch. Whether it’s flirting or trying to hold your own at an awkward networking mixer you can probably relate to this on some level.

July 14, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Like a shadow that’s cast ten times larger
Than the object in front of the light
My guilt seems to grow that much bigger
The more it is hidden from sight

SONG  “More Like Myself” by Blake Whyte
This song is an invigorating rush of hope and freedom. If you want an even bigger rush, check out this live version in NYC with some incredible dancers.

LAUGH  “Dogecoin Rap” by Remy
This gave me a great laugh. If you don’t know what Dogecoin is, this isn’t for you… if you do, here’s to hoping you didn’t follow this guy’s lead!

July 7, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I have come and I will go
And what I do with what I know
I will give and help to grow
Those who follow

SONG  “I Will Not Take These Things For Granted” by Toad The Wet Sprocket
I hope you love this song as much as I do, in high school I would listen to it on repeat. The title itself is a mantra.

QUOTES  by Mother Teresa
What powerful quotes Mother Teresa shared… words that resonate deeply.

June 30, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
What if
Your grandest vision came true
What if
The path was waiting inside you
What if
Your story was extraordinary
What if
Your next step was

SONG  “Santorini” by Yanni
For years this song has been one of my favorites when I’m looking to close my eyes and feel energized about the future. It has a legendary feeling to it. Enjoy!

PODCAST  Upper Limits from the “The Spark File”
Do we limit ourselves because somewhere deep down we don’t believe we deserve to have it “that good?” How do we break through? I really enjoyed listening to this

June 23, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Every day
Sure and steady
And when it’s time
You’ll be ready

SONG  “Grown Ocean” by Fleet Foxes
Listen to that beat… perhaps it’s what momentum feels like

BOOK  “The Practice” by Seth Godin
A book all about the “sure and steady” path to creative success

June 16, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
The sun can hit a wooden plank
for years without a mark
yet magnify the focused rays
and flames begin to spark

SONG   “I Make My Own Sunshine” by Steven Tyler
This song itself is sunshine… please tell me that you’re singing along.

VIDEO  Harvard Commencement Speech by Pete Davis
When you’ve got 8 minutes, watch this speech. I love it… it starts light and packs a punch.

June 9, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I face the pesky problem
and send it to my head
to find the answer hiding
in my heart instead

SONG  “Let There Be Love” by Nat King Cole
This song is pure relaxation after a long week. Close your eyes, turn up the music and see if you don’t just start smiling without trying

LAUGH  “Pizza Business” from Saturday Night Live
One of my all time favorite SNL skits… maybe because pizza is my love language

June 2, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
What is it I create
With the time today I borrow
A compound interest shaping
What I’ll make tomorrow

SONG  “Feeling Fine” by Dylan Rockoff
This song feels like the beginning of summer to me. Hopefully it gives you a grove and a smile.

BOOK  “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron
Many of my artist friends know and love this book… it was a life changer for me. If you’re looking to bring more creativity and insight into your life on a daily basis, this is a great place to start.

May 26, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
Your words and music are strong
Yet your spirit sings louder than song

SONG  “Shower The People You Love” by James Taylor
A favorite early summer memory of mine was driving through the glorious countryside of Sonoma County while listening to this song and feeling grateful for all of you I love in my life. I hope it reaches your heart too.

GOAL SETTING  from Lululemon
Looking to clarify your life goals? You might enjoy this goal setting worksheet from Lululemon. If you’d like any help, book a free 1st session with me and we can look at it together.

May 20, 2021

POEM & BLOG  by Stephan Stubbins
I focused heart and mind
to find the game of true success
and beneath the game of checkers
I found the game of chess

SONG  “Hundred Days” by the Bengsons
There’s so much passion in this song. It doesn’t seem like it’s from a musical, yet it is!

LAUGH  “Best Volleyball Blocks Ever” by Studio C
You have to let me know if you laugh out loud like I did watching this… enjoy!

May 14, 2021

POEM  by Stephan Stubbins
I didn’t even think to clean my lenses
I was used to looking out that way
It took a moment’s pause
To get down to the cause
Now life’s a little brighter every day

QUOTE  by Sanford Meisner
“That which hinders your task is your task” – Sanford Meisner

SONG  “On My Way” from Brother Bear
I was introduced to this one at our favorite local juice shop (Local Roots) on my Birthday last week and it’s been on repeat in my head since.

PODCAST  Jay Shetty & Will Smith from the “On Purpose” Podcast
This episode has so many mindful ideas. Will Smith is a great reminder of commitment.

ARTICLE  Configure Your iPhone To Work For You, Not Against You
Many great insights on how to optimize your iPhone to serve you better.

VIDEO  Non-Zero Days by T.K. Coleman
An inspired 5 min video from one of my altMBA coaches that packs a great punch.

Wishing you the best,

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