Leading within

Lead within
with what you know is true
Either you create your world
…or your world’s creating you

Until I Succeed

I’ll persist to my goal
no matter the speed
I will brave through each failure
until I succeed

Do it

The fastest way around it
…is through it…
dodge the doubt
and just do it

The price

Act now
and pay the price
…or hesitate
and pay for it twice

Keep on going

How long will it take
There’s no way of knowing
Commit to completing
…and just keep on going

Fail fast

Failed attempts
don’t last
Act now
fail fast

The experience

Life is not a problem to be solved
or an answer to be shown
but an experience to be felt
and an aching to be known

Stillness and Slow

Beneath the drive to succeed
and the hustle to grow
there’s a power in stillness
and a magic in the slow


A bad day
can stir up strife
don’t see it as
a bad life


From a different level
of being
comes a different level
of seeing